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Subscribed users of Showit are users who subscribed either monthly or yearly to the website building service. The following chart shows an overview of the differences with more details below:

FREE Pro Subscription
Price Free $39/month or $429/year
Pages Unlimited Unlimited
Published Pages 5 Unlimited
Media Storage 30 MB 10 GB
Domain Name Vanity URL Custom (yourdomain.com)
+Sites 0 Unlimited
Mobile HTML5 Yes Yes
Share Yes Yes
SEO Limited Yes
Showit Ads Yes No
Widgets Limited Access Full Access
Showiteers FB Group No Full Access

The Subscription is currently priced at $39 a month or $429 a year.


While building your site with or without a subscription you can build as many pages as you would like. Note that while there is no limitation, sites that contain more than 100 pages might be best built by breaking the content into multiple +Sites for better performance.

Published Pages

When you go to Publish your FREE site so that it is online and viewable by the world, you will be given the option to choose 5 pages to publish. For subscribed users Showit will publish all the pages in your site.

Media Storage

Showit limits the amount of content for a FREE site to 30 megabytes. Once you subscribe, this limit is increased to 10 gigabytes and is shared among your main site and any additional +Sites.

Domain Name

A Domain Name is the address that someone types into their web browser to access your site. All users can publish using a Showit URL such as "yourname.showitsite.com" but for subscribed users, you are able to purchase your own domain name and then have your site be visible at your domain such as "yourname.com". Please read this info about purchasing your own Domain Name.


The +Site feature is only available for subscribed users and allows building multiple client subdomain sites on a single account.

Mobile HTML5

Mobile HTML5 sites are automatically published for viewers on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad to still be able to view your site.


You can share pieces of your site in Facebook or on your Blog or other places on the web. A FREE user is limited to sharing only from the five published pages and there is a Showit watermark on the shared pages. Subscribed users can share any number of pages from their site with no watermark.


Showit generates HTML for a Deep Link to every page, however the FREE site does not get included content from the page into the HTML of their pages. A subscribed user gets a full HTML page for every page on their site with all the text content for great SEO compatibility with search engines such as Google.

Showit Ads

Free sites have advertisements at the top of the Showit application while they are working on their site. In addition, a published site has a bar at the bottom of the site with an advertisement to build your own site using Showit. Subscribed users will not have advertisements visible on the top of the application while building and there is no Showit ads on their finished site.


Free sites will be able to use most Widgets but some are limited to subscribed users only.

Club Showit

The Showiteers Facebook Group is available for all subscribers. Join the great community of photographers who are supporting and motivating each other every day!