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To view the HTML version of your site, click on the SEO button in the bottom left to switch the view of your Stage.

Seo button.jpg

When you are viewing the HTML SEO version of the Stage, you are viewing your site as a search engine or a browser without the Adobe Flash Player would see your site such as the iPhone.

Use this view to adjust a few aspects and settings of your HTML.



The colors of your HTML will be affected by the:

Included Content & Order

Seo layers.jpg

The order of the text in the HTML is determined by the layer order of the content in your site following the same stacking of Style Groups with Foregrounds, then Page Content, then Backgrounds. Layers that are Buttons that are on a Style Group will show in the top navigation section and all other content including page content will show in the second section. The first section's name will be the title in the Site Settings SEO and the second section title will be the Page title. Additional sections will be added for media that is selected for Include in HTML including the Photo Galleries, Music Player and Video Player. When viewing the HTML, you can use the Layers tab to drag and arrange the order and also use the check boxes to select which layers to Include in HTML. You can also select a layer and choose to Include in HTML on the Advanced Tab.