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To Translate Showit, start by clicking on "Help" and then "Translate..." which will open the translation window.

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Showit translations are done through a series of files. These files have the ".properties" extension and will be written to a folder of your choosing on your local computer. You will want to create a folder specifically for these files before you begin. When you are finished with the translation you will zip this folder and email the zip file to translate@showitfast.com.

Saving And Opening

Each time you open the translation window inside Showit Sites you will have to open the translation files you have already worked on. The translation window always open with an empty translation. To open a translation you have already saved, click Open and choose the folder containing all of your properties files.

If you are finished or need to leave in the middle of a translation, you can simply save the translation and return to it later. If you want to make multiple copies of a base translation for regional translation differences, you can use the Save As option to save a completely separate set of files.


To move between the different files, simply choose one from the Source File drop down at the top of the translation window. For each file there are keys and values that need to be translated.

Translations can be entered in two different ways:

  • A translation can be entered directly into the grid of keys and values. This is ideal for shorter labels and text.
  • A translation can be entered into the text box at the bottom of the translation window. This is more ideal for longer sections of text.

On shorter labels and text, the size of the word can be important for layout purposes. Please make an effort to keep translations as similar as possible in length to the original English . If this is not possible, please make a note of the translation key and tell us about it when you submit the translation.


Please follow the following guidelines so that the translations will work:

  • Make sure to follow the letter casing of any text. (i.e. TEXT, Text, text)
  • Make sure to enter line returns or ends of lines to match the English translation.
  • Make sure to directly translate any HTML tags, URLs, or special character sequences that you find within the translation.
  • Make sure to include/copy any %3%%, {0}, or {1}. These are replaced with text while Showit Sites is running.