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Showit offers both monthly and yearly Subscription packages. The Showit subscription includes software and hosting for the duration of the subscription, whether monthly or yearly.

The current Showit subscription is $39 per month or $429 per year. Check out the Feature Comparison Chart for a full breakdown of the features included with a subscription.

How to Subscribe

Before subscribing to Showit you first must install Showit on your local computer. Once installed, follow these steps to subscribe.

  • Login to Showit
  • Select Site from the menu bar
  • Select Subscription...
  • Choose the subscription method and click Next
    • If you were provided a Promotional Code enter it in this window
  • Enter the credit card that you would like to be billed monthly or yearly and click Submit

Your credit card will be billed on an on going basis.

Updating Your Credit Card Information

Occasionally you will need to update the credit card information on file for your Showit subscription. You can do that from directly in Showit.

  • Login to Showit
  • Select Site from the menu bar
  • Select Subscription...
  • In the Manage Subscription window you will see an area to Update Credit Card Information
  • Enter the new credit card information and click Update Card

Re-Subscribing After Your Site Is Disabled

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If you cancel your subscription or have a failed transaction and don't resubscribe within the window provided and your site gets disabled, you will need to go through the new subscription process followed by a few more steps. If you subscribe during the timeframe provided by a failed transaction then your site should continue as normal and you won't need to complete these steps.

If you use Showit as a Direct Host you will need to setup your domain as this is turned off when your site is disabled. If you are using a Third Party Host you can skip the following steps and all you will need to do is Publish. Keep in mind, when your site is disabled it will disable all +Sites so you will need to open each +Site, enable the +Site and publish again.

To reactivate your Direct Host, login to Showit in your main site and click on the Site menu and then Domain Setup.... If everything is still the same and you haven't changed your DNS then you can quickly go through the wizard.


  • Click Yes for the domain name and the domain should be entered
  • Click No for if you have a site setup
  • Click I will configure my DNS to point to Showit since this is already setup
  • Click Submit to finish the setup and save the settings to the Showit server
  • Click Publish >> Full Publish to complete the site publish and make your site live.
  • Reactivate +Sites: If you had published any +Sites you will need to re-enable and publish each one. Go to the Site Selection window and open a disabled +Site. Click on the Site menu and then Domain Setup... which will launch a window that looks like this:


Click the Enable button and then you will be able to Publish to put your +Site back online.