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Video Tutorial - Using Showiteer Map

Showiteer Map

The Showiteer Map is available to allow you to connect with other Showiteers in your areas and around the world. You are automatically included on the map based upon the internet connection you last logged in with.

Click on a flag to view details about users in your area.


Open the Map

Inside of Showit

1. Click the Showiteers connect icon at the top right of Showit


Mobile or Browser

1. Go to https://service.showitfast.com/showiteer/map

2. Login to view the page

Edit My Profile on the Map

You may edit your profile at any time to also include information such as your Facebook profile image, twitter tag, phone number, actual address and email. This information is only available to Showiteer users, not Free users. You may also remove yourself or your email from the listing.

To edit your profile

1. Click on your Name at the top right of the Map


2. View over your current profile and click Edit Profile in the bottom right.

3. Enter in as much information as you would like listed. If you Uncheck "Profile In Map" you will be removed from the map.

4. Click Update to save changes.