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Publishing is the step you take when you are ready for your site to go live online for the world to see. By default Showit FREE comes with a vanity domain name that you can publish to and send links to your friends, or if you subscribe to a PRO account you can publish to your own domain name.

To publish, click the "Publish" button in the top right that looks like this: Publish btn.jpg

When you click publish you are presented with the Publish Window below:

Publish wizard.jpg


The first option when publishing your site is the FULL option which is going to take you through the main steps necessary to publish your site. You will want to do this the first time you publish and anytime you make significant changes such as adding more pages. When you click FULL, you will be presented with a few more options before the publish begins:

  • Basic Site Information: This is the info used for SEO in your site and can also be edited later through your Site Settings. It also includes your Analytics and Mobile Redirect.
  • Setup The Site Loader: The Site Loader is what is displayed when a user first comes to your site while the content on the first page is loading up.
  • Choose A Hosting Option: This is the setting for how your content is loaded explained in detail in Advanced Hosting.
  • Mobile/Facebook Images: These are the image Snapshots that take a screen capture of the page to act as a preview for when a page is shared on Facebook or viewed from a mobile device if you don't have a Mobile +Site setup.

Once you choose the pages to generate images for, these pages are generated and uploaded, then the HTML for your site is uploaded and your site is published. This FULL publish option has replaced the former checkbox for Publish with HTML.


The Quick publish option is intended to allow you to make changes to your site and get them online quickly such as design changes, layout and basic structure. A FULL publish should always be done when there has been significant changes to content including text, navigation and adding pages so that the info is reflected in the SEO of your site. If you host your own HTML, you will only need to do the FULL publish when you need to update the Snapshots but be sure to do the Export and Upload HTML anytime you make significant SEO changes.

Upload Warning

If you have added content to your site that hasn't completed uploading, you will get the following warning at the bottom of the publish window: Publish assets uploading.jpg

You can still continue to publish, but your site may have content missing when you go to view it. To be safe, you can wait to publish until everything has completed uploading.