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With the recent Adobe announcement ending Flash support we will be discontinuing support of Showit Desktop on the timeline below. We encourage all users to switch to Showit 5 which is entirely powered by modern HMTL5 with a focus on mobile design.

AUGUST 1, 2018 - Disable of Publishing, Subscribe & Re-subscribe options (sites will remain online)

OCTOBER 1, 2018 - All users who want their Desktop sites to remain online (as-is, no publishing) must switch to a Showit 5 subscription by contacting support.

THROUGH 2019 - Current sites will continue to function as-is through 2019, but all users are encouraged to move to the new Showit 5 platform as soon as possible.

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This page is for Showit DesktopHelp. Please visit the Showit 5 Helpfor all info related to Showit 5.

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Quick Start

  • Get Started - An overview of the interface and functionality of Showit
  • SEO - Understand the facts about Search Engine Optimization
  • Widgets - An index of all the Widgets and how to use them
  • Hosting - An explanation of the hosting and how to get setup with Showit
  • Speed - Tips on enhancing the loading time of your site
  • Advanced Tips - Dig deeper into features to optimize your site
  • Troubleshooting - Suggestions to resolve issues while using Showit
  • API - Documentation on how to build advanced controls using Flash SWF inside Showit
  • Resources - Find design services and other tools to help you with your Showit website


We encourage you to look for answers to your questions by searching in the box on the left, but if you have questions or issues that you aren't finding answers to please feel free to contact our [Support Team].

If your site is experiencing down time or you are unable to connect to Showit, our Status page has links to where to get the latest information about our current server status.