Installation Issues

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Frequent Issues

  • Error #0 on Windows 7 Please use this Windows Fix It utility to fix your system. When running the Fix it, go through the uninstall process and try to remove Adobe AIR from your system. Once finished, download the latest version of AIR and install again. Then download the Showit install file and run.

Troubleshooting Installation Issues

Showit is an Adobe Air application that can be installed on multiple computers. To install Showit, go to the install page and click on "Install Now". To launch Showit, double click on the program icon once it has been installed.

  • If you are having issues getting Adobe Air installed, please read through the Reinstall Air page for complete details.
  • If you are having issues viewing your website or having site content display correctly, please view Troubleshooting A Website.
  • If you receive an error loading your site, view the Site Load Error article.

Sometimes on installation or between upgrades or during saving, some issues can arise that can cause preference data or site information to get corrupted causing Showit to not start up properly. The following is a set of steps to try get the Showit application working once you have Adobe Air installed.

Other issues

Sometimes between upgrades the preference data can get corrupted causing Showit to not start up properly. The first thing to do is to close Showit and then clear out the Adobe Air "Encrypted Local Store". This is where your saved account info is stored and can be found at:

Instructions for each operating system:

Note, by deleting these folders you will not lose any site data as it is stored on our server. However, by deleting this folder you will lose your media tags as these are not stored on the server and only on your local computer.

If it still will not start up, close Showit and then go to the Showit Install Page and click on the Install button. This will bring up an install window, choose "Open" and then the "Uninstall" option. After the uninstall is complete, delete both of the folders mentioned above and then restart your computer. Finally, go to the install page and install again.

If Showit still does not startup, you will need to submit a support ticket with your log files. You can find the log files here:

  • OSX: /Users//Library/Preferences/SiteBuilder.XXXXXX/local store/logs
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Application Data\SiteBuilder.XXXXXX\local store/logs

Find the log file with today's date and attach that file when submitting a ticket that indicates you tried these steps. We will then look into it on the server side and work to resolve the issue. Thanks.