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iPhones, iPads, and Androids Oh My!

Showit is a tool used to build your website and while it uses Flash as the primary delivery mechanism, it also builds an HTML page for every page on your site. This makes a Showit site much more than a Flash site because it has the SEO goodness of HTML along with the amazing features of Flash that allow dynamic sizing, layout, and animation across over 98% of desktop computers. By default your site will be viewable on devices without Flash and can include a screen shot of what your site would look like along with accordion menus to navigate through the pages and content of your site.

However, with more and more web content being viewed by mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and others that don't support the full version of Flash (coming soon on many of those devices), Showit also provides a mechanism to build a custom Mobile +Site which can be optimized for these devices.

Showit iphones.jpg

If you choose not to build a custom Mobile +Site, be sure to Publish Snapshots of your pages so that the design of your site will show up as an image on the top of the site. You can then also choose to Include in HTML galleries or images or other content such as videos or mp3s. A simple preview of your default site HTML that will show up on the iPhone would look like the the screenshot below: