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Videos can be saved in iMovie for use on your website from any Mac computer.

Below are these steps for export. Quality and Dimension settings may vary by video based upon how large you want it shown on your site. Export a few times at different quality to find the smallest file size that still has good enough quality.

Export Video in iMovie

  • 1. Select Share menu > Export Using Quicktime
Showit iMoviecompress 01.jpg
  • 2. Select Export: "Movie to Quicktime Movie" from the Export list.
  • 3. Click on Options and assign the following settings to Video and Audio formats. Other settings can be left at their defaults.
Showit iMoviecompress 02.jpg
Video: Settings (click on Settings to edit)
Compression: H.264
Motion: Frame rate: 24fps, Key Frames: Every 48
Quality: Adjust as you wish (usually Med-High)
Video: Size (click Size to edit)
Dimensions: Current Size or choose a smaller size to make a smaller video file
Sound: Settings (click on Settings to edit)
Format: AAC
Rate: 33.000kHz
  • 4. Click Ok and Save the file
  • 5. Check video quality after save is complete
  • 6. Adjust Video Quality settings and re-export if needed.

Pay attention to the video file size as well after saving. The larger the video, the more the likelihood you will have issues with it loading fast online.

Compressing video is challenging and requires a few exports to balance the quality and file size.

Prepare for Internet Streaming (Turn OFF)
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