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Content Hosting

Included in a Showit website is content hosting for all your files such as images, graphics, music and video.

When you add files to Showit, it automatically takes care of uploading and hosting these files using Amazon Web Services. If you don't currently have a web host you can purchase a domain name like "www.yoursite.com" and then our servers can be your primary host.

If you already have a web host you can add your Showit site to your current hosting by Export and Upload HTML. Even though the content files would be coming from our servers, you would be able to view the site through your current web address.

In addition, you can host other types of files such as documents or pdfs or whatever you want and link directly to these files. Showit content hosting does not use FTP, so all adding and removing of the files will happen directly through the Showit application.

If you want to host server side scripts such as php or asp to run your own blog or shopping cart, you would need to purchase traditional web hosting through a company that provides that, then you can use the Export and Upload HTML option to include your site on that web host.

Hosting Setup Chooser

Please use the interactive wizard to help identify how you should setup Showit with your current website setup at hosting.showitfast.com.

Configure Hosting

The first step to hosting a site is purchasing a domain name. If you don't have a domain name, we recommend signing up for a Google Apps account and purchasing a domain name in the process. This will automatically configure your email to use the recommended Google Apps approach.

Once you have your domain name, you have two options to configure Showit for hosting:

  • Direct Host - Use this option if you want Showit to host your site directly with no third party support for other scripts.
  • Third Party Host - Use this option if you want to use a traditional hosting company to have complete control of your domain name and server side scripting on your domain name or to preserve your current domain configuration and files you already host.

Once you have decided how you are going to host your site, you can go through the Domain Setup Wizard.

Hosting Explanation

The hosting for your site is basically the same between a Direct Host verses Third Party Host, the only difference is where the initial HTML comes from that bascially acts to startup or initiate and wrap your site's Flash content. The following diagram illustrates the loading sequence for viewing a site:


Most users getting started fresh who didn't have a prior website use the Direct Host but users that already have a site that may include extensive content, slideshows, a blog or a shopping cart will choose to keep their current Third Party Host setup and then just Export and Upload HTML to get their Showit website launched. Keep in mind that any changes to the Site Settings mean a change to the HTML and require that a Third Party Host user will need to go through the process to Export and Upload HTML again.