Get Started

From Showit Desktop Manual

If you are new to Showit, it is easy to Install, Create An Account and then watch this Quick Start Video. Also, be sure to check out the overview of the Welcome Screen.

Then you can also browse the documents below for explanations of the different areas of the interface:

Build Your Site:

  • Prepare Images - Get your images ready for use in Showit
  • Add Files - Get content into your site
  • Backgrounds - Add a background image to your page
  • Site Layout - How to design in the center area so that your site works in every browser
  • Pages - The pages panel includes all of the individual pages for your site
  • Style Groups - The style groups are the groups of pages that contain content and color schemes that are shared across pages
  • Layers - Layers are the individual items on a page including Images, Graphics, Video, Widgets, and Showit Web slideshows
  • Buttons - Buttons allow you to navigate between pages and to other places on the web
  • Media Library - Manage the images and media that you add to your site or the content provided by Showit for you to use

Get Your Site Online:

  • Preview - You can preview your site before it goes live to the world
  • Publish - Once you publish your site, you can then send people to view your site content
  • Domain Setup - Link your website name to your site online
  • Share - You can share portions of your site on other sites including on your blog, shopping cart, Facebook, Twitter or other sites

Using Showit:

  • Link To A File - Copy a link to a file to share on a forum or in your site
  • Versions - You can save and open versions to backup your site and switch between
  • Multiple Computers - Working on a site with multiple users or computers
  • Troubleshooting - Suggestions to resolve issues while using Showit

Site From Scratch


For an example of building a website from scratch, check out this HANGOUT we did showing the building of a complete FREE site.