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Showit has four different ways to post content to Facebook.

  • The Facebook Comment widget allows you to post comments directly to your site.
  • The Facebook Page widget allows you to add a Like Box to your page.
  • The Share on Facebook function inside the Showit application allows you to publish your website to Facebook and Share it with your friends.
  • The Facebook Share Widget allows viewers of your website to share it on their Facebook page.

Share Site on Facebook

<shtml hash="331f0cd36da567609aaefd81759a3c6a"><iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/28376448?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&color=4d84e8" width="621" height="388" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe></shtml>

  1. Select a Page in Showit
  2. Click on Share tab
  3. Select the Facebook icon
  4. Customize preloader (if you wish) and click Post to Facebook.
  Showit FB share 001.jpg

Choose to post to: My Profile, Friends or Page

  Showit FB share 003.jpg 

Selecting Friends or Page may require that you Grant Permissions to the Showit Facebook app so that it can read information about your account to give you the options of where to post.

  Showit FB share 004.jpg 

Write a message to post with the website

  Showit FB share 005.jpg

Your message will appear on the wall as a news feed story.

  Showit FB share 006.jpg

Viewers may click the Play Arrow to load the page right within Facebook's wall.

  Showit FB share 007.jpg

The Showit Facebook app used to provide options for tagging clients in a post, however due to API changes with Facebook it no longer works that way and now you can tag a client by posting the site directly on your Friend's wall which will send them a notification and show up in their news stream.

Share Site to Facebook Tab

Facebook provides the ability for Business Pages (formerly Fan Pages) to add the Showit application to your page. Each time you post a site to the Facebook Page, it will be automatically added to the tab as shown below. A preview image is shown for the site and clicking the image will load the site.


To enable the tab for your page, click the Add the App link when you are sharing a post to a page.


Once here, select the page that you are an admin for to add the tab.


If you want to remove a site from the tab, go to the bottom of the tab and click Edit Tab. From there, click Remove on any of the sites listed and it will remove it from the tab.

Facebook Share Widget

FB Widget

Facebook used to encourage sites to include a share button but they have transitioned to use a Like button for websites and their recommended way to share is to use that functionality which can be found in our Facebook Page widget. Showit still includes the old share Widget that you can add to any page on your site. When a viewer clicks on the Facebook share icon, it will open up a popup window that loads the Facebook Share functionality so a viewer share your current page on their wall or with a friend. However, because of changes with Facebook, it sometimes just shares the home page image and not the individual page once it goes to Facebook.

Checkout this video from the HANGOUT where we discuss how to use the Facebook Share Widget with your website and +Sites

There are two prerequisites before this will work.

PREREQUISITE 1: You MUST publish the page with Snapshots and with HTML.

Publish Snaphots

PREREQUISITE 2: If you are hosting your own HTML, you must upload the republished HTML to your server (this step not required if Showit hosts your site).

Preview Images

Facebook will scan a page and get a preview image from the page to display when sharing. If you haven't published snapshots and try to share, it might not find an image and then Facebook won't try to find an image again even if you publish new snapshots. You can force Facebook to rescan your page by entering the URL to the page you want refreshed at this Facebook page: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/lint/

If that doesn't work you can get the direct link to the preview image and then enter it here and click the Call Method button: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/rest/fbml.refreshImgSrc/