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Just Starting

*Where should I start?

Start by designing your site and getting it just the way you like. If you're in need of some help check out our Video Tutorials.

*What does a Showit subscription cost and include?

A Showit subscription includes all of the necessary services needed for a customized website. We are also happy to help with the domain setup. A subscription is $39/month and all features are included. Please see our Feature Comparison Chart

*Is Email included?

Email hosting is not provided with Showit but we offer some email hosting suggestions at Email

*Can I host a blog on Showit?

Blogs will require additional hosting outside of the included Showit hosting. You can read more about Blogs

*How do I set my Homepage?

Simply right-click on a page in the pages list and choose "Set to Homepage" and then Publish or Preview Online to view your change.

*Do you offer a Shopping Cart?

Showit does not offer a shopping cart. We do have a PayPal widget that can be used for one-item purchases. You can use any shopping cart along side your Showit site. Many allow you to customize their URLs as a subdomain which will include your domain in the URL. If you are looking for a digital delivery system, check out our [PASS Premier] software.

*Can I use my domain that I already own?

Yes, of course! You can assign the domain during the site setup process. If you do not yet have a domain please


*Can I embed an HTML code snippet?

Since the Showit websites are built on Flash technology, the HTML code is not compatible and cannot be embedded inside of a Showit website. Be sure to check out our Widgets list to verify that we don't already have a widget that will perform your need.

*Why does extra space appear on the top/bottom or left/right of my design?

A Showit site will adjust to proportionally fit within the browser window. For this to be accomplished some browsers may show extra space around your design based upon the proportion of the browser window. This is normal and is better explained on our Site Layout page.
  • Where do my contact forms submit?
Contact forms always submit to the email on your Showit account. You can also find all submissions by clicking on the Showiteers icon at the top of Showit and select Messages on the next window.


*How do I setup hosting?

When you are ready to launch your site please click the Setup Site button that appears at the top of Showit after you are subscribed. The domain wizard will step you through the process.

*I host many other files on my current server, can I keep my current hosting?

Yes, you may choose the self-hosting option during the domain setup process and follow the linked steps to export the Showit HTML files and upload them to your own server.

*Does your hosting have an SQL database?

No, our hosting provide the services necessary for a Showit website. Web services requiring additional systems will require for you to self-host your site on a different server.