Deep Link

From Showit Desktop Manual

The term "Deep Link" refers to the ability to link to any page within the Flash website. To understand this concept, you first have to understand that most Flash websites load on a single page and then when you interact with the Flash movie content, you are still on that single page. This causes issues as users are typically accustomed to the way a standard HTML web page works.

There are typically three main reasons why a standard Flash website can be bad for users:

  • If you wanted to send a link to something specific within that Flash site and you copy the URL in your browser and send it to a friend, when they visit the page they will be taken to the front page of the site, not where you were at
  • If you bookmark a page on a Flash website, when you open that bookmark it will always take you to the front page of the site
  • The "back" and "forward" button in your browser doesn't work for a Flash website

Showit has overcome these issues by implementing a "Deep Link" ability that changes the URL when you click on each page. This has the advantage of creating state within the Flash website that allows the "back" and "forward" button on your browser window to work. This also allows your users to bookmark a page or email a link to a page to a friend by just copying the URL in the window.

In addition, Showit creates HTML for each of these pages to optimize the SEO and allow search engines to link directly into your site content with a deep link.

For an understanding of how these links work, be sure to check out the Pages.